The Roost

Portfolio Page


For one block (8 weeks) in my third year I have been working on The Roost. That block was mainly prototyping and trying to get a feel of the game with smaller prototypes. I mainly prototyped the AI of the project. The game was a combined horror and first person genre. It had several monsters that you could shoot at.

The game was made with Amazons Lumberyard engine. This engine was fairly new back in 2016 and that created challenges sometimes.

My work

I worked mainly in the flow graph system and in editor, this was by far the fastest way to make small prototypes which was the goal of this block.

I started this block off by learning the engine, after that I made several AI prototypes. For these prototypes I mainly used raytracing and waypoint systems. We did not use the navmesh because it did not work with our AI characters at that point, we heard from Amazon that this was still under development.

The enemy AI characters were monsters that could move over the walls, roofs and floors. They could also make jumps; this would make it a challenge for the player. Since the game was a horror game the enemies came on surprising moments, for example one would spawn and follow the player via the wall once the player passed by.

Above you see an AI prototype. This AI was a monster that would spawn behind you in the hall and follow you via the walls and roof. It would jump between the left wall, right wall and the roof. This made it more challenging for the player to defeat it. I made this AI using a block in the middle of the hall that would raytrace towards the walls and roof. Then from the successful raytraces it would choose one that the monster would jump too. The block would follow the player through the hallway. This prototype was made with flowgraphs.