Button Realms
(Unreal Engine 4)

Button Realms is a game where you must defeat the wave of enemies that come on your island. You can build watch towers, grab trees and rocks to defeat the enemies. It is made for the HTC Vive. I was gameplay and general programmer in this project. We used Unreal Engine 4 for this project.

The Roost (Lumberyard)

The Roost was a space shooter game. It was made in the Amazon Lumberyard engine, which is a fairly new engine that is in development. I mainly made AI and gameplay prototypes for this project. The project was cancelled after the prototype phase.

OpenGL engine project (C++)

In my second year of the NHTV I made with a team an OpenGL engine. The engine had 2D/3D rendering, Physics 2D/3D and Networking. I was responsible for the 2D rendering part. I did this in a newer version of OpenGL than my previous engine, thus the method was different.


In my first year of the NHTV I made a small C++ game in my own engine. The game is billiards, and it uses my own OpenGL engine I created in the first year. This includes collision and physics. This game is simple to demonstrate, you have to get 3 balls in the holes. You can use a variable force by clicking your mouse, and it simulates the ball physics.

Own OpenGL engine (C++)

In my first year of the NTHV I made my own OpenGL 2D engine that I used to build my projects in. I made several components for this engine, like collision, input, sound, and more. In my second year I also made a 2D OpenGL engine that used a new version.

Starwars pod race (Unity)

On the Sint Lucas I made with my project team a Starwars pod race game. I mainly did the networking, menu's, and pod selection of the game. It is a complete game made in Unity engine and has several levels and pods to choose from.